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Interior Design Recommendations – Our Personal Top 5

And here we are again, back with our Interior Design Recommendations for an amazing apartment or cabin 🙂

Today, we will give you our top 5, stay tuned and start redecorating your house now!

Be Yourself – Decorate for Yourself

Interior Design Recommendations Living Room

We’ll start the top with a life advice: always be yourself!

Yes, it applies both to life and both to our interior design recommendations.

Be it in the process of interior design or in any other situation, it is for the best to be yourself. Remember: you will live in the place that you design. Don’t try to create something that you will not enjoy.

In order to get a better idea of how to start decorating your room, try to look at what you currently have and how you feel when you open the door.

If your house is full of furniture, decorations or unused objects, be sure to get rid of them by storing them in a storage room, garage or any other place of your choosing.

Do not throw anything!

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. You can refurbish your old furniture, or maybe convert an old drawer into a table or a chair. Your imagination is the limit.

Besides, converting your old stuff into brand new refurbished furniture or decoration items will keep the style of your house the way you like it.

Less is a Bless 

Interior Design Recommendations Living Room 2

As earlier mentioned, you should focus on reducing the number of items in your room.

If a room is too full it creates a sensation of suffocation, even claustrophobia.

We do not encourage you to throw your things out, but once in a while it is recommended to give a fresh look to your room.

Since we’ve already wrote an article on how to decorate your living room, let’s take it as an example:

  • Move the table in the other part of the room. By doing just this little thing your whole room will look different and fresher!
  • Change some paintings! Even if you have only 2 paintings hanging from your walls, it can be refreshing to move them once in a while.
  • Change your carpet with another one from any other room. If this is not possible try picking 2 smaller ones.
  • Get some chair covers, they are really cool and they do an awesome job at revamping a room.

Don’t Overthink

Interior Design Recommendations Kitchen

Perhaps the best recommendation from this list is to not overthink the design.

We’ve been there before: when we first started to create this website’s design we’ve spent almost half an year just to think of how it will look. Needless to say this was a waste of time.

When you have an idea of how a room should look, you should go with the flow:

  • the pieces of furniture in it,
  • the decoration items that you will place there,
  • the blending of these items with the environment around;

If you will focus your energy on the smallest things instead of the big picture you will just waste a lot of time. We know any good thing takes time to accomplish, but just try to keep it simple and always tune in with the bigger picture.

Another really important aspect of a room is its color, which brings us to the fourth interior design recommendation:

Pick your Favorite Colors

Let’s recap: be yourself, keep it simple and don’t overthink. This is one of the most important interior design recommendations we can give you.

In our opinion, choosing the color of a room is the hardest part of the decoration process.

This is because once you paint that room, it will be extremely hard to change it. We have an article on the best color picks for your bathroom.

Think of what season you enjoy most:

  • If you like Summer, you can pick yellow as a main color. Try combining it with a little bit of red or white paint and you get yourself a beautiful and warm palette.
  • If you like Autumn we suggest to get a brownish color. But be careful, if the brown is too dark you will make the room gloomy.
  • Perhaps you like Winter, in this case go for a blue or a neutral purple. These cold colors will make the room may appear more chilly, but will surely catch the eye of anyone who enters the room.
  • Finally, if you favorite season is Spring, we suggest to go for a green color or a combination of green with yellow. It looks fresh and will surely make you feel as Spring is always right around the corner.

Turn your Imagination into Reality

Our Final Step from our Top 5 Interior Design Recommendations

Interior Design Recommendations Bedroom

Our final advice from our interior design recommendations is to create anything that you imagine.

We know it’s generic, but try it!

If you have a favorite color, go for that color.

If you like a piece of furniture, don’t throw it out. Give it a revamp.

If you have a favorite place to sit at, put a desk or a table there and you will enjoy your room way better.

If you imagine it, then it means you like it, or want it.

Be it one or the other, it is always better to let your guts guide you in the process of interior designing.

We really hope that our top 5 interior design recommendations helped you just a little bit and made you more confident in your skills. Don’t be afraid to share the love down in the comments.

Let us know what you think and don’t forget to visit our Facebook Pages for more inspiration and design!

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