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Decorate Your Walls! A Beginners’ Guide

Have you ever heard someone tell you to decorate your walls?

Well, now we do.

It is important to greet your guests in a classy  manner!

So we came up with some tips and tricks for decorating your walls. Set the stage of your house by designing interesting concepts.

It does not matter if you choose to hang plants on your wall or to buy a world map to mark your journeys.

Anything works as long as it looks good and is not of poor taste.

Also, make sure you check out our other guides here.

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Decorate Your Walls and Plant a New Garden

Do you want some fresh air?

If so, it’s time to buy some hanging plants and to decorate your walls accordingly.

This would work in slightly more open spaces, such as your balcony walls, or kitchen walls.

Nonetheless, if you’ve got flowers in your house, even better.

A hint of fresh gardens not only makes you feel better, but also gives you energy for the day to come.

World Maps for an Interactive Design

We know you love world maps!

We’ve seen that on our Facebook pages.

So, we still want to keep emphasizing the fact that a world map on your wall can give you a variety of options:

  • choosing a scratch world map can give you the satisfaction that you can scratch away a country you have visited;
  • choose a hexagonal world map to hang whenever you feel creative and out of the box;
  • choose a plain world map to fill your walls and impress your friends.

Making Sure There is Symmetry Between Your Art and Other Items

Decorate your Walls Pictures

Anyone can choose a design and start decorating their walls. But not anyone can know the right proportions and have notions of symmetry.

This guide here explains all about that.

Some of the best tips are trying to stay consistent, creating flow in your space and maintaining a grid format on your walls.

Ganesha Decorations and Figurines

One unconventional way to decorate your walls is to hang decorations and figurines.

Therefore, one popular decoration that is used, is the Ganesha figurine.

If you are not really familiar with it, Ganesha is one of the most worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon.

Surprisingly, it is seen as the remover of obstacles and the patron of arts and sciences.

Chalkboard Wall – Decorate Your Walls and Make Art!

Decorate your Walls Pictures2

This is for the most creative of you.

Buying a chalkboard and hanging it on you wall can give you the freedom to create.

You can write various messages on it or you can use it as a reminder.

The good thing is that you can change the message or the design any time you want!

And this is the end to our little guide to decorating your walls.

We hope you enjoyed.

If we would have an interactive chalkboard on our site, we would have written “have fun designing your walls and come back later for more inspiration!” 🙂

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