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Airbnb or booking.com? Let’s see what they got in store for us!

Airbnb or booking.com?

Hmmm, we know you love some traveling! Well, we want to introduce you to travelling with a purpose. The purpose is finding really cool accommodation and hotels, that you can enjoy all year round!

Because not only the place you visit matters. The place where you sleep at night does too!

But, in order to pick the perfect location, you first must be aware of the options out there.

So check out this brief comparison between the two platforms, and pick the best one for you!

If you’re travelling as a couple or if you take your buddy out travelling, two of the most usual possibilities for finding accommodation are Airbnb or Booking.com.

Both websites provide travelers with various adventures and exclusive advantages.

Our first candidate is Airbnb, and these are the main reasons why we love it:

1. Airbnb is generally the cheapest alternative

Airbnb or booking.com Resort

If your decision on whether or not to use Airbnb or Booking.com is mainly dependent on cost, then you will nearly always receive better affordable options when looking for accommodation on Airbnb.

That is especially true in leading European cities, even in which you could find affordable places to stay. We have utilized Airbnb in most high priced regions like Reykjavik along with Copenhagen. This has made our journeys considerably more affordable!

2. You get recommendations about the city you go to

How many times have you stayed in a budget hotel and got recommendations on where to go and what to visit? Odds are they are sending one to the restaurant in their reception or somewhere across the trail!

This unquestionably isn’t the case with Airbnb, as most hosts are long-term citizens of their city that you’re visiting. Moreover, we discover that many hosts are quite nice and people often end up having a cup of tea together with them during their stay!

3. You generally get accessibility to common facilities

Airbnb or booking.com Resort2

One of the remarkable reasons for staying within a family room within an Airbnb accommodation, will be the fact that you will most likely get usage of common facilities such as their kitchen and laundry.

This is excellent if you’re travelling on a budget since it makes it possible for one to cook your meals (instead of eating out all of the time) and wash your clothing without paying.

Nonetheless, we must say that booking.com is a great candidate too. So, let’s see who is the winner? Airbnb or booking.com?

1. You can get Amazing deals if you reserve beforehand

Even though Airbnb is the less expensive alternative, you can frequently acquire some amazing discounts on Booking.com if you book in advance.

2. Booking.com requires minimum effort

Certainly one of the nice ideas about reserving a place via Booking.com is the fact that once the booking is performed, there is nothing you need to do before you travel.

That is not quite similar to Airbnb, where you have to contact your host, and make sure that they’ll be home when you arrive.

3. In some cities, personal Airbnbs are causing home affordability issues

Regarding Airbnb,in some specific cities, there are some problems with renting these apartments to short-term guests.

This means that in certain cities like Berlin, governments are cracking down along with banning short term rentals of entire flats on Airbnb.

You have to be careful if opting to book in bigger cities. Whole apartments might be listed illegally and could be closed down until you arrive.

If you’re on a strict budget, appreciate meeting locals and receiving their recommendations through Airbnb.

In the event you appreciate versatility, ease or are simply just visiting to relax and do nothing such as washing or cooking, we advocate booking through booking.com.

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