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Apartment in Saint Petersburg – Getaway in Russia

We are going to start by saying that this apartment in Saint Petersburg is one of the brightest you will see.

We are not talking only about the use of colors, but also the spacing between the elements and the subtle hints of minimalist design.

This apartment is our proof that a location doesn’t have to be full of tables, chairs, elements in each corner of the room, or rainbow colors. We vouch for the uniqueness of this place and we love it to Russia and back! 😀

Apartment in Saint Petersburg Room2

Apartment in Saint Petersburg – The Use of Blue Hues

Let’s get this straight!

The majority of you, as we know it, love travelling to the seaside.

Travellers can almost guarantee that in every room of a seaside resort, there are hints of blue.

We can give you a straight-up example. The Santorini island in Greece.

That’s a place where almost every house you see is covered in blue.

Here, our Russian designers made sure to combine great elements of interior design. Some rooms are covered in blue, while others are completely white and chic.

Apartment in Saint Petersburg Room1
Courtesy of booking.com

The hosts did not forget to combine those amazing blue hues with some hints of green. As soon as you enter the house, it gives you a feeling of empowerment.

However, the spacious place leaves room for little improvement.

Let’s imagine you bring your kids along. Wouldn’t you love some special room for them?

Nonetheless, visitors have left amazing reviews and seem keen to come back.

“What a lovely apartment! Everything as it is on pictures. Very bright and spacious place to stay. Fully equipped kitchen and other rooms, balcony with nice view, fast internet. Customer service was great. Most important location was very convenient for us to walk around the city.”

Anna – United States of America

Make sure to check out our other apartments here, and leave us some reviews about which one you love the most.

If you want to see other locations, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Have a nice day! 🙂

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