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Cabin in Canada – Chalet Alpin Stoneham

Today’s winner is the Chalet Alpin Stoneham in Canada. This cabin is only a 20 minutes drive from QuĂ©bec City, so it gives the guests the possibility of enjoying both alpine and urban life.

There are amazing, warm colors all over the place in the cabin.

The chalets are also equipped with wooden fireplaces in the living rooms.

Chalet Alpin Stoneham Living Room
Courtesy of booking.com

Canadian Interior Design in Chalet Alpin Stoneham

There is a lot to say about the unique style of the Canadians when it comes to interior design.

The Canadian interior design and style was always adapted to Canada’s geography and climate.

For example, given the fact that Canada is secure from most natural disasters, the architects are able to build wooden cabins and not have second thoughts.

Nonetheless, the climate also has to be taken into consideration.

The Chalet Alpin Stoneham is protected by the harsh climate through its strong structure.

Same as the above, the guests are enjoying the interestingly designed fireplaces. These are characteristics you probably won’t miss in most chalets and cabins.

We can definitely note the amazing interior design of the Chalet Alpin Stoneham.

Chalet Alpin Stoneham Bedroom
Courtesy of booking.com

Snowing in the Winter Wonderland…

Fresh air, snow, and hiking. What more would you desire?

When coming back home from a long and difficult hike, the only thing you want is to go to sleep.

And what is the best place to do so? Yeah, you guessed it. The amazing bedroom in the Chalet Alpin Stoneham.

Simply decorated and designed, the warm colors will send you to sleep instantly.

Watch the snow falling outside and you definitely will not want to go back home.

Therefore, we are sure you will visit this Chalet Alpin Stoneham. The chalet will not dissapoint you.

In conclusion, make sure to check other cabins here, and let us know your opinion.

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