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Apartment in Rome – Where Caesar Ruled the World

It’s time to dive in to the luxurious apartment in Rome, the Palazzo Scanderberg.

Let’s pretend that you want to visit Rome and one of the most iconic places that you want to go to is the Trevi Fountain. You want to drop a few coins in the water, and hope for the best of luck for the years to come.

Moreover, you want to have the pleasure to stay in one of the most luxurious apartments in Rome. You want to have access to all the services to make your stay perfect.

Book an apartment in the Palazzo Scanderberg.

As a matter of fact, Roman interior design and architecture is predominantly present in some of their hotels and apartments.

Apartment in Rome – The Palazzo Scanderberg’s Interior Design

Roman interior design has been popular for centuries

The Palazzo Scanderberg follows those trends and imitates perfectly the beautiful and classy Roman interior design.

Right from the entrance, you are welcomed by large rooms, a large reception and a feeling of high class accommodation surrounding you.

Apartment in Rome - Large Bedroom

Furthermore, the furniture in the room isn’t made of gold (hint, hint, the rooms are not full of kitsch items). They are simple, comfortable and elegant.

Having dinner or breakfast on the terrace makes you discover the charm of the city. Rome has always been a wonder. And back to your desire of throwing some coins in the Trevi Fountain, the Palazzo Scanderberg is just a few minutes away.

Equally important is the dining room.

Apartment in Rome - Dining Room
Apartment in Rome - Terrace

Watch the sunset and the stars above you. Get a glass of high class champagne and feel the charm of the apartment you are staying in.

It’s a delight to wake up every morning to the fresh air.

Above all, we encourage you to take in all the emotions and the feelings of visiting a beautiful place.

You know what we are advocates of. The luxury of an apartment, its luxury and comfort – they are all the perfect ingredients of a great memory and experience.

Apartment in Rome - Chimney Living Room
Apartment in Rome - Deluxe Bedroom

Check out more details about this amazing apartment in Rome here.

Palazzo Scanderberg might be one of our favorites, but do not hesitate to check out more apartment recommendations in our apartments section.

Make smart choices and stay tuned for more!

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