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Hotel in Chiang Mai – A Thai Experience

Are you ready for the journey of your life? Join us to the Shangri-La hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We promise not to disappoint you ;).

Thai houses and hotels seem to look like temples. They have steep roofs and they almost have the power to reach the skies.

The illusion of height is present almost all the time.

Nevertheless, they put great emphasis on gardens and nature. And we all love that!

Hotel in Chiang Mai - Garden

However, back to the Shangri-La!

As opposed to the Thai sanctuaries and royal residences, the Thai hotels have beautiful components.

They place various plants and trees under the windows, and sometimes at the entrance.

One common element of Thai hotels is the simplicity of their construction. The whole hotel is created through segments and sections. Each room is simple and painted with not too many colors.

Nonetheless, it has that Thai vibe that you do not find in any other city.

Hotel in Chiang Mai - Deluxe Bedroom
Hotel in Chiang Mai - Bedroom View

High walls, beautiful chandeliers, large windows and small decorative elements. This is what Thai interior design brings to the table in this hotel in Chiang Mai.

Hotel in Chiang Mai – Not just another simple hotel

Hotel in Chiang Mai - Dining Room

As mentioned before, the hotel is surrounded by nature. Wherever you look you find interesting tree and never seen before plants.

The dining rooms are spectacular. Above and beyond, they offer a sense of safety.

Hotel in Chiang Mai - Pool View

From every place of the hotel – even if it is your room, the restaurant or the reception, you can get a glimpse of nature.

You can see the amazing swimming pool at night, surrounded by trees. Again, plants are placed in every corner of the hotel.

A royal Thai hotel. This is but a simple description of what this hotel represents for its guests.

Hotel in Chiang Mai - Hotel Entrance

We are sure you will definitely love it! So feel free to check it out here for the best deals.

Also, do not miss our other hotel recommendations. We are avid travelers and interior design lovers. We always have something to say!

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