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Cabin in Hakuba – A Japanese Journey

お帰りなさい . What? You did not catch that? Book a two weeks getaway to this Cabin in Hakuba and you will get back to this article, confident that you have learned just a bit of Japanese.

Japanese interior design is one great example of minimalism in the entire world.

Their interior design style is beautiful and simple. The same is their architecture.

The words of art deeply reflect the Japanese spirituality and philosophy.

One perfect example is this small cabin in Hakuba. It is a simple delight for any guest.

Cabin in Hakuba Sinks

Japanese Interior Design – A Minimalist Cabin in Hakuba

Here are some of the most outstanding characteristics of the Japanese interior design:

  • Natural materials, especially wood;
  • Illumination and lightning;
  • Void – the emptiness of some corners in the house or room;
  • The use of white.
Cabin in Hakuba View

This cabin in Hakuba is the perfect example of a simple, yet beautiful Japanese piece of design.

In the cabin, there are a lot of wood pieces, such as the table and the windows.

The colors and pieces of furniture form together a perfect symmetry. The colors of the cushions and the design of the paintings match together in perfect harmony.

Similarly, the cabin radiates beauty. Even so, it radiates natural beautify, by placing flowers and house plants inside.

Cabin in Hakuba Living Room

The windows are large. However, if you want to escape the hectic world outside, you are in a place that offers peace and relaxing views.

Cabin in Hakuba Cinema

Light and illumination are some of the most important characteristics that you will find in this Japanese cabin. Light manages to make rooms evolve into living organisms.

The Japanese house is usually designed and constructed around the motion of natural light and its relationship with natural materials used in the interiors. Let’s face it, natural light in our homes makes us all feel happier and healthier because we feel more connected to the outside world.

Alex Swain
Cabin in Hakuba Bathroom

If we were you, we would head out to this beautiful cabin in a second.

Feel the freedom of having an entire cabin for you and your friends or family. Make sure to also check out our other cabin recommendations.

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